Mailbag and Confessions Around the Web

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What an amazing week!   I spent a few days down in Atlanta working on the book.  It was awesome.  I'll have a HUGE announcement about it next week.  A huge, scary announcement.  That's it on the book for now.  But the draft is coming along.

The blog will also be refreshed.  I'm definitely going to keep it simple.  But I'll be using a new theme that will allow me to interact with you much better than I can now.  It will also be slightly prettier, which is obviously not very difficult to accomplish….

Before I get into the mailbag I want to quickly honor and thank the sites around the web that have sent readers over here.

Some of these were direct posts referring to this site and others were through their brilliant and attractive readers who interacted with me through comments!

Here they are.  Confessions Around the Web:

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Jennifer Kaufman (also tweeted – thanks!)

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Another special thanks to those who tweeted about the site:  

Daniel Jones

Mike Loomis

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Holly Douglas

You all rock!    Thank you.

The best compliment really is a referral.  So let me know if you find (or refer to) this site around the web, so I can properly thank you!

OK.  Here are the three most frequently asked questions from the past week.  Be sure to reach out through the feedback form if you have a question.  I respond to them all and will put the most frequently asked ones up in the next mailbag, too.  Here's the last mailbag, in case you missed it.

How is becoming a better husband going?

It's going well.  But it's tough.  I am getting great tips, tricks and encouragement from all over the place, which is helping a lot.  Just check out the comments on my posts!  The people who come here are really awesome and genuinely want to help.  Whether it's through sharing what worked for them in similar situations or just a quick “we got your back,” it's really awesome and helps a ton.  That makes it a lot easier!

What's been the toughest part?

Fighting my mind.  I've spent years trying to be fair or avoiding commitment.  That's hard to change overnight.  Getting up is simple.  Still tough to do, but a simple concept.  The mental part of it is a grind.

Do you ever want to give up?

Nah.  What's the alternative?  I've had moments where I've wanted to take a nap or go for a walk.  I've had moments where I think or say something stupid.  I've been tired.  And I've been lazy at times.  But there are fewer and fewer of those moments, which is awesome. Giving up is not an option.  The alternative is way worse than the hard work.  In other words, it's way more “worth it” than it is “hard.”

Awesome!  There you have it.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!  Leave a comment.  Use the feedback form.  Or shoot me an e-mail at nick (at) aterriblehusband (dot) com.  I read and reply to them all.  You can also find me on twitter at a bad husband.  That's probably the easiest way to interact on a “real time” basis.  But I also reply to all comments here, too.  And bloggers love comments almost as much as they love twitter followers…. maybe more.  So don't be shy!


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