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PhilippinesPhilippines2014-12-265ReginaEvangelistaLifesaver!!!Helped me a lot in my own marriage! Thank you for this show!!!
IndiaIndia2016-08-125Mrunal PanditEvery husband must listen to this podcastLets face it. Most husbands are great, but they are also terrible. I know mine is, on both counts. Nick nails it when he talks about issues that frustrate his wife, and other guests who share their stories are so much relatable. Great personal connect, awesome stories, highly recommended. Minu @baalgata
SwitzerlandSwitzerland2015-04-175Yannick_iGREAT podcast!Nick does it again, bringing us another AMAZING podcast! Entertainment meets value! Hit subscribe now
United StatesUnited States2021-02-092ncfjjchfLove the idea 💡 but....This podcast idea (and title) had the potential to be awesome! However, the host talks a ton aboit himself and his accomplishments and so on. Would be better to simply discuss a topic and your opinion that goes along w the topic. Just my two cents.
United StatesUnited States2019-07-023cms73012Great content but horrible hostGet to the point already!
United StatesUnited States2018-04-035gpcantonTimeless Podcast for becoming a better HusbandA timeless podcast for those wanting to become a better husband. I’m writing this review after listening to just one episode - ‘The Husband Code of Conduct with Bill Mcdonald’ - Definitely worth a listen. I really hope to see and be able to hear more from Nic’s podcast. Fantastic! -Gordon Canton Moorhead, MN
United StatesUnited States2017-11-151IlnorI want to like it ... but don’tI like the concept and Nick is honest about his journey but that’s what it is - his journey. The content is way too infrequent and usually sounds like a personal blog. He’s a lawyer by trade so he’s not an expert (which, to his credit, he admits). So all he really has are personal anecdotes. I applaud him for his goals and his desire to help others but maybe he should focus on other avenues (and based on his frequent spans without content - maybe he already is).
United StatesUnited States2017-08-093RaganlbGood when you get past the self grandiosityI've listened to a few episodes. There is some good information. I'm listening to episode 42 now. The first 16 minutes could be skipped. It's like a pissing contest with the guys talking about their achievements or what they've had to deal with. Let's get right to it with a thirty second intro of guests, if needed. Might need an editor.
United StatesUnited States2017-04-155Paul D JohnsonHelps take your marriage to the next levelAs the host of The God Zone Show podcast, I appreciate Nick's passion to bring wisdom to the area of marriages. We husbands need to intentionally focus on taking our marriages to the next level. Tbis podcast helps us do that.
United StatesUnited States2017-04-145CNeilson30Love it!Such great thoughts and helpful information! I love the topics. Helpful for terrible husbands and even wonderful wives 🙂
United StatesUnited States2017-04-145TrexerbIt's honestNick tackles real issues in a real way. good stuff!
United StatesUnited States2016-10-075octavehigherGreat Podcast!Great podcast!
United StatesUnited States2016-09-115Nick @ Five Minutes With DadThank you all!This show would not be possible without all your support! Thanks so much for being so awesome! Nick
United StatesUnited States2016-09-095andsure552Great!Such important information that most are scared to share. Thanks!
United StatesUnited States2016-09-095morgan.robinsonSuch a great podcast!!Thank you for your honesty and transparency. I can really tell that you're a sincere loving husband. It's totally obvious that you care about your audience and helping others make sure their marriage is successful. My husband and I have a couples therapy practice and it's so nice to hear someone be so transparent. It's infectious! Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2016-08-175TheimpactmikeAwesomely relatableWhat a refreshing show! I am very intentional about being a good husband and father, but I am human, so sometimes I fall short. Thanks for creating this awesome forum. Mike Flynn, host of The Impact Entrepreneur Show.
United StatesUnited States2016-08-145Chez SchaubAppreciate the honest perspectiveReal issues with real responses. Worth the listen - whether or not you have challenges in your relationships.
United StatesUnited States2016-08-055Marytodd1991Love it!I love Nick's raw and open content. As a woman, I think it is great that Nick is helping other men who are looking for some support on difficult issues without the pressure of counseling or his wife's nagging!
United StatesUnited States2016-07-015LilySanabriaTerribly Good!!!Nick...clever, catchy, clear, authentic...loving it! Confessions of a wife wanting to hear a husband get real! You've nailed it!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-275jesse@lifestyleconversationsGreat podcast!A hard topic to cover but much needed! Great listen to improve relationships.
United StatesUnited States2016-05-275BeatsBeerGreat for a rookieDefinitely great info on this show. As a new husband myself, this show will be useful. Thanks for being honest. Cheers to you!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-275JenRidayReal, and amazing.Wow. Heart wrenching. My heart ached multiple times. This is so touching.
United StatesUnited States2016-05-275TraylorLovvornRelevant and authentic information!Nick knocks it out of the park with this great podcast! Great production quality and content, this podcast is right on point! Do yourself a favor and tune in!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-275CoffeeRulesInterestingI've done the same thing where I focus on business to improve my family's wellbeing instead of the other way arround. Listening to this podcast helps me remember that being at home is the most important thing.
United StatesUnited States2016-05-205Tara Williams PhoneThis podcast is too good!This podcast is clever, intriguing and inspiring! Nick had done a great job helping men really step into their important roles as husband and to really rock at it. Such a needed podcast!!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-205namtrokHonest and RevealingIt's very difficult for us dads to be honest and to accept the responsibility. I Love what Nick has done with this show. Looking forward to more episodes!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-205BrianHirthVery InformativeCame across this show and love how much information is shared. Looking forward to even more, Awesome!
United StatesUnited States2016-03-265baconsportsGreat showDefinitely inspired and encouraged me. Will be a positive addition to your life.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-255CeliaScience.comNick is on a journey...This show is about transformation. It is about seeing what is wrong with yourself, owning it, and fixing it, a little at he time. It is inspiring. And an interesting social experiment.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-255ItalykittyjcAwesome!!!Love this podcast!! Great to hear people being honest about their struggles as husbands. Great content, great guests! Love it.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-125DuffashEntertaining, Educational & Inspirational!This podcast has everything! So much to learn. Plus really funny.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-115Bonnie CribbsWith a name like that!With a name like that…. you know this is going to be a great podcast. Love the transparency, love the messages and love the whole idea of you helping us guys be better spouses, dads and individuals. Thanks for making such a podcast for us!
United StatesUnited States2016-03-075UriyyaGot Husband Issues?I'm not perfect and I podcast like this allows me to be a better husband to my family. Well done. - Andrew Alliance
United StatesUnited States2016-03-045kpchfNick tells it like it is!Nick does such a great job with this show - I love it!!
United StatesUnited States2016-03-045NYtom88Gold!As someone who is becoming a husband this year…man all I can say is TY. #StandingOnTheShouldersOfGiants - guys awesome show! also check out Nick’s show 5 minutes with Dad - super fun show 🙂 Thanks Nick for your hard work and transparency.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-045No More ObstaclesLadies, don't miss this one!Ladies, if you want some serious insight into your guy, then listen up to Nick! He's fantastic, down to earth, and you'll LOVE the wrestling episode 🙂
United StatesUnited States2016-03-025Maribel Jimenez, Launch MentorRefreshing perspective!Just listened to your episode with Pastor/Wrestler and I like that you talk about REAL issues. I love learning how to improve my marriage and love hearing the man’s perspective on this topic - very cool!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-275scottalanturnerA Fun Way To Change Your LifeEvery podcast is very entertaining and informative, jam packed with information to help you improve your marriage. Thanks Nick! - Scott Alan Turner, host of the Financial Rock Star show
United StatesUnited States2016-02-265Britany FelixAwesome!No relationship or person is perfect and I love that Nick gets so real. I'm definitely passing this along to my husband but it's definitely NOT just for guys. As cliche as it is, marriage is a compromise and both men and women can learn from the mistakes of others and work to make their marriage stronger. HIGHLY recommend this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-265Andrew.BerkowitzAwesome Show!Really interesting idea and something that will be very valuable to me 🙂
United StatesUnited States2016-02-255JayWillis1A kick in the pants!Between this and your five minutes with dad podcast, I feel like you are trying to kick me in the pants and encourage me to step up and be the kind of father and husband I most need to be. Thanks, Nick, for the guilt. 🙂 Seriously, thank you for helping us fathers and husbands step up and demand more from ourselves. I've subscribed and look forward to this journey.
United StatesUnited States2016-02-195BeachPBThis podcast will improve your marriage!This podcast will improve your marriage. Whether you are newly weds or have been married for decades this podcast is an excellent way to improve communication and build a stronger foundation with your spouse!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-195@SkeoCEOWe Could All Be Better SpousesGreat podcast with real conversations about relationship challenges - listening will help you reflect on how you can be a better spouse.
United StatesUnited States2016-02-075Gene_HPLNGreat podcast!Great subject, great topics! Very informative, and I think MUST listen to!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055Nicholas bayerleAll relationships need this adviceThis is a great resource for all types of relationships. Esp married people, great tips I enjoy the show 🔥
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055ItsMeRDLove this!Great podcast! I really love the honest in each episode!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055Jeff AgostinelliRIGHT ON!Nick has put together a great show that puts everything on the table. This is a great resource for bringing your relationship to the next level and learning from someone who walks the talk. Keep up the great work Nick.
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055ditto569Love How Candid Nick Is!I am obsessed with this podcast. Totally great listen for me in my new marriage!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-054What a complete waste of money Enjoyed Susie Miller episodeThere were some great nuggets in this episode that are easily implmentable. Love the idea of self-improvement in relationships. Thanks for putting out this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055DCulveGreat podcast!I haven’t listened to any podcasts on marriage before this one. I love how honest Nick is. He provides great insight and information. Gave me a lot of think about!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-295AlfHerigstadShould be required listeningWhat a great resource for guys who want to be their best! Very well done, the passion of the host really comes through.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-295Youngman BrownWow!Such a powerful show! Now that my wife knows about the show, it is required listening! Nick has put together something really special here with great guests and inspiring lessons.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-295Mother JenAWESOME PODCAST!!!Funny Funny Funny!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-275Mollie grossHonest and fresh!This is the perfect podcast for husbands and WIVES who love each other and WANT to be better to each other.Nick's show helps me and my spouse have a new perspective for the week. His honesty is refreshing and both me an my spouse have benefitted from his wisdom . We like to listen in the car when we are stuck in LA traffic !;)
United StatesUnited States2016-01-185taneljappinenNot that terrible at all!I've read Nick's book and listened to his podcast and I have to admit that he's certainly not perfect (who is), but he's not that terrible husband. He provides sincere stories and lessons from life. Great listen!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Jenaenicole.comNot just for Husbands...I'm a wife and this show is definitely worth listening, gain so much insight and encouragement with my marriage as well. Thanks Nick for such a wonderful and honest look into marriage.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Julienm888Title hooked me!Real talk!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Podcast Momfunny good stuff!Thanks for this podcast, I love that we get real with some important topics but I always laugh at some point too.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Don HutchesonHow to have an amazing relationship….I just listened to Nik Pavlidis’ interview with Chris Whaley: "What a Pastor/Professional Wrestler Can Teach Us About Marriage.” This podcast is for people looking for real advice from the trenches. The best ways to have an amazing relationship. Nik delivers and more…. Bravo!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Your College MentorHonest Insight HusbandingI really enjoy the format and genuiness of the show. We can all learn a little more on how we can improve!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Joel BoggessExcellent Resource for Terrible Husbands Like me! 🙂We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to make this show happen! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155Baldeagle90Great, Deep ConversationsNick is having great conversations about being a better husband and make your marriage matter. Great stuff!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-105AnissaMacVery Valuable PodcastGreat podcast that can change lives.
United StatesUnited States2015-10-195Benjamin TylerGreat Vulnerable Podcast on being a HusbandThis is a great podcast on being husband and father in the modern day. Nick is vulnerable and talks about real issues with being a husband and man in modern society.
United StatesUnited States2015-10-145zachmarcy.comWow! Did not expect this...Everything that I seem to do nowadays revolves around becoming the best version of myself. For the most part I lean heavily on personal development in the way I think and do things, as an entrepreneur, and as a health and fitness coach. I did not expect this podcast to actually make me realize there's so much more that I could be doing for my relationship as well. What an awesome resource for people that have the drive and desire to have a better relationship.
United StatesUnited States2015-10-045SubscribeMe.fmWhat a great topic!When I read the subject, I simply had to know who was this "terrible husband" and what he could've done worse than me... lol. Helps to know that Men are really from Mars! And it's now official!
United StatesUnited States2015-10-035Shari TWhat a great show!I really enjoyed the perspectives and conversations- they are so needed!
United StatesUnited States2015-10-035BeaglenationGreat show!!Nick has a great show, and it's a great twist on a much needed discussion. I like how he isn't afraid to make fun of himself a little. Really great show, highly recommended!
United StatesUnited States2015-09-225Long_MGreat podcast!LOVE this podcast! Nick is open and honest about so many things! He has wonderful guests and suggestions to really help improve your relationship with your spouse, regardless of your gender. Give it a listen!
United StatesUnited States2015-08-295Jamie slingLove the showI’ve struggled being a terrible husband myself and this podcast has served as an encouragement to me. Jamie from Franklin, TN
United StatesUnited States2015-08-175DancecapadesGet on track with your marriageThis show is a great to get on track with your marriage and relationships, and find a path to happiness. I'm not a husband, but I think anyone in partnership or marriage can benefit from the show. I really enjoyed your episode about prioritizing your life and not making how much money you make your number one goal. A friend I shared it with said he realized that he needed to do some reflecting and really make sure that his family is more important to him than his job in order to be a better husband.
United StatesUnited States2015-08-145JV Crum IIIHitting the Nail - On the HeadTongue in cheek humor with real life “confessions” mixed with those relationship experts makes this podcast a true winner. Nick, you found the right way to bring this information forward. Humor always lets you tell the truth and get by with it. Great podcast.
United StatesUnited States2015-08-145grohiitYou hit the nail on the head!Nick, the way you combine self-deprecating humor with insightful honestly is refreshing. This episode on “Nagging” really resonated with me, and I often find myself not just hearing what is being said, but also listening to what might be behind why those things are being said to me - and also reflecting on what's going on in my life that may be affecting how I'm reacting to those words. I appreciate how candid and honest you are, and listening to the information in your podcast really resonates with me. Thanks!
United StatesUnited States2015-08-145John H MaddoxWow this is so true!Great show! All I have to say to people considering listening...awesome so, speaks the truth, worth your time!
United StatesUnited States2015-08-145Luck2allgreat showmore people should talk about this. More marriages would be successful
United StatesUnited States2015-08-145Niel ReichlIf you love your familyThis podcast aims to recall the reasons why you started a family, how important it is to communicate. you also get stories from other more experienced couples to get different insights that a marriage requires work. Just like careers or ambitions, we strive to make the most of our marriages. Good job Nick!!! definitely worth taking up the space of my phone.:) - Niel of Ultimate Guide to the Filipina
United StatesUnited States2015-08-145Nehemiah7483What a Great Show!Outstanding concept. Nick and his guests share amazing insights into strengthening marriage. In a world that sees marriage as disposable, this is a breath of fresh air.
United StatesUnited States2015-08-085NLiebermanIncredible Stuff!I love the honestly and the critical view on himself. An amazing new look at relationships with a ton of very valuable content. Definitely give it a listen!
United StatesUnited States2015-08-035Freelance Lancebrilliant self-reflectionNick's "One Question Quiz" to find out if you're a terrible husband is brilliant in its simplicity and functionality. He really knows how to look inside and how to help other guys do so, and wives and children worldwide are better off for it. 😉
United StatesUnited States2015-07-235Jeff - OnlineCourseCoach.comA great podcast by a great guyI’ve known Nick personally and can vouch that he strives daily to improve his marriage and family life. He’s been a blessing and encouraging to me personally. This podcast is a great resource to help improve our marriages and family. Keep up the good work Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-185Heather @ BeatInfertility.coLove the honestyI’m not a husband, but I am a wife of 10 years, and I absolutely love Nick’s podcast. So many men keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves, so it’s fascinating to get access to Nick’s brutally honest thoughts! Love this. Highly recommend.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-145ID StudiosLove it!Any time someone can be open and brutaly honest, especially about relationships, I am all in. Thank you for sharing your adventures in being a husband. Awesome!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-125mikkos2000Great ShowI am so happy to hear a podcast about marriage from a male perspective. I also appreciate Nick for being so transparent his marriage.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-125SheKnowsCryptoListen to these confessions!Great show. Hilariously insightful.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-105MickiezadaTRUTH!Nick, your honest and direct approach to a subject dear to the heart of every couple trying to share their lives. Excellent personal and professional advice...outstanding! And I'm recommending it to my son!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-105Jbower1282I like how real it is...It is great to hear it from a real person, not someone that thinks they are an expert. Thanks for being real with us!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-105M1kesw1feWOWThis is life changing, amazing!!!!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-105Jon BerardSo True...I love this podcast. Perfect for getting out of the doghouse of being a Terrible Husband.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-105MarkDillonVOGreat…Simply Great!Wow…how have I not heard this podcast before? Nick is rocking it! Entertaining, informative, fun to listen to….and as a podcaster I have to say, he nailed the cover art for the podcast! Super work Nick…I’m going to keep listening!!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-105Ryan L. SinkI wish I didn't need this podcast so much 😉Great, informative, inspiring, and entertaing podcast which I should make sure to listen to on a regular basis!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-095KerryO2012Authentic. Down to Earth.I have to admit the title caught my eye, but the interviews pulled me in. The way Nick comes across in the podcast is humility in action. The communication between the interviewees and Nick are fantastic and truthful. Connection. Thanks for such great content. Worth sharing.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-065Fit 2 Love JJLove the topics and honesty!Great job! I deal with relationships on my show too and I love how honest and authentic you are!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-045Sean GarmerSo Good!It is so hard to talk about things going on in your life. Here's someone that is trying to improve his relationships day by day and then gives advice from his experience to everyone else. Wonderful stuff here.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035HGCIIIGreat Podcast - Good for Marriage, Good for lifeNick's focus is spot on - as someone who has been very happily married for nearly 36 years, this podcast brings to light help and information so others can also enjoy life and marriage. Keep moving forward.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035colinpthomsonFun show!The perfect combo of fun and useful!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035Lois MoncriefAwesomeI listened to a couple episodes including the one with Susie Miller whom I met in person in early May at an event in San Diego. Nick is a great host and has easy going easy to listen to conversations with his guests and you will get great takeaways and actionable content such as the non-negotiables mentioned by Susie.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035Dr. Mark C.Great Show!A wonderful show for the husbands and the wives. This show really addresses all issues married couples face
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035Silly bands rock go by themTaking it all inI’ve been married for over 15 years and luckily its pretty easy because I’m so perfect…. kidding. Always improving. Thanks for the insightful ideas and a great topic!
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035AlyciaDarby.com PodcastManagerFun and True!This is a great podcast! He uses his life lessons to speak wisdom into the lives of others to have a more powerful, exciting, and loving marriage.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-035Tppmommyof3Thought ProvokerGreat show with real information. Really makes you think about about life, family and how to improve your marriage. Thanks, Nick! Keep it up.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-295M. M.D. KelleyA Must Listen PodcastNick you are wonderful. What a refreshingly different show. Love your guests and love what you are sharing. Keep it coming and Thanks.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-295BrentGWarnerPleasant SurpriseI have to say, at first glance I thought this was going to be a comedy podcast about a guy cracking jokes about his marriage. It was a great surprise to hear instead some really thoughtful self development ideas that tie into the bigger picture of creating a successful relationship. Lots to learn here!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-295Mark - Wisdom From Dads HostVulnerable with a ton of Value for the Relationship Challenged!I am right there with Nick, struggling to figure marriage out. I love that he is bringing on experts and regular guys to share how to turn the corner and make huge changes in your life. He is taking 100% responsibility for his marriage and that just opens up whole new realms of options for improving it. Waiting for next episode.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-265ProtectionguyReal Topics for a Real Marriage!I enjoy this show soooo much! I always learn something valuable that will help me and my marriage for the rest of my life! You rock Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-255Omar ZenhomAn Interesting Take on RelationshipsAn honest and refreshing podcast on the topic of relationships. Well done Nick. -Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Show
United StatesUnited States2015-06-235StephaniRobertsIntriguing - great idea!Nick, this is brilliant. It’s so easy to grumble about bad relationships but it’s hard to actually take responsibility and do the work. Kudos to you for encouraging everyone to do so! It’s a fun window into relationships…I feel like a voyeur listening. 🙂
United StatesUnited States2015-06-195Kevdav123456789Love it!Such a great podcast (as you would expect from Nick)…can’t wait to listen to more!!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-185MRPadenGreat chemistrySure make you feel comfortable talking about tough issues.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-165AKRhinoGreat stuff!This isn't your typical self help podcast with a perfect host telling you how to be better. This is a real dad, who's far from perfect, talking to guests and exploring ways he can improve himself, and luckily he's taking us along for the ride.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-155Sanchez650Great insights!Love your focus on communication and how you share your own issues. Keep them coming!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-145Ana MelikianGreat podcast for couplesI believe that marriage is a journey of growth as a couple as as individuals. Find this podcast a great tool to help me keep developing.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-135watcha33Good stuff!Nick speaks with from his heart. Good job in your mission to help strengthen relationships.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-105sunshinestarrVery personableGreat show! A really good find!!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-065Larry HagnerThis podcast is 1 in a MILLION!This podcast is a must listen! Nick really puts himself out there! Its a raw podcast with so much amazing information! HUGE FAN!!! Nick…you are truly an inspiration!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-045JohnVonhofLove the name and love the podcastNick has identified a need that most of us guys will understand. We often make poor choices about our marriages and relationships. We should know better, but hey, we’re guys. So listen to Nick’s podcast and take notes. There’s good stuff here. Whether you are newly married, or have been married for a long time, there’s stuff here we can all use. Great job Nick. Thanks.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-035MYT, Her Power Hustle PodcastNick gets right to the info we need!Great podcast! Thanks Nick for bringing on such great guests and teasing out the great stories and info the listeners need and want.
United StatesUnited States2015-06-025TO DOs BEFORE I DOSo honest and trueGreat information from a genuine host. Nick is very honest and provides some great insight!
United StatesUnited States2015-05-285HeavyDriverA New Found ComfortIt's a really nice feeling to know that podcast of this quality exists for this topic. It is so relevant in the states with the divorce rates and such but I am far to young to be married so I like to take Nick's approach of reading business books and applying it to my relationships.
United StatesUnited States2015-05-285the lilgirlAmazing!!!Loved the different marriages and perspectives. Nick, love your story and the up and downs you went threw, always coming out stronger. All together an amazing podcast!
United StatesUnited States2015-05-275Sgt. StormGreat TitleGreat Title for this podcast, the content is even better. I am really loving the unique take on this podcast. Advice and examples. Keep it coming.
United StatesUnited States2015-05-215BR of Veteran Artist ProgramSmall TweaksIt's the small tweaks that make a difference. As someone who was married before, I'm sure I could have used this podcast
United StatesUnited States2015-05-185MRPsmokeInspiringInsightful tips for all relationships. A great listen!
United StatesUnited States2015-05-175JohnyKingsThis show is a great findThis show is a great find, with load of useful info but it also make me laugh. The title makes me smile the "Confessions of a Terrible Husband."
United StatesUnited States2015-05-165Health Geeks…BAMListen up all husbands!Great podcast and a must listen for all husbands out there. Nick is engaging, informative and highly entertaining.
United StatesUnited States2015-05-155LoveRoadI love how real this isIt’s authentic and helpful
United StatesUnited States2015-05-145SCrutchfield FunWho knew working on your relationship could be entertaining at the same time?
United StatesUnited States2015-05-115JimwjI wish!I wish that I had access to these guests before my divorce! 😉
United StatesUnited States2015-05-115Whole Being IncRefreshing perspectiveI really enjoyed the money episode. Great job bringing a guys perspective on marriage.
United StatesUnited States2015-05-085Hone RangerWow, i'm single and enjoy this.Despite being single there are a ton of gold nuggets to take away from this podcast. These are life lessons. Great content, great podcast.
United StatesUnited States2015-05-055Scale to Success PodcastFrom one terrible husband to another...Yes! If I could just listen to every episode in a row, I would. Thanks for giving a voice to the topics I personally so need to hear!
United StatesUnited States2015-05-055MelissaJoyRDLove everything about this showLove the title, the topic, the content, the guests and everything Nick asks and shares! What a great show. I will definitely be sharing this with others!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-305choirninjaGreat concept!What an AWFUL-ly great podcast! Thank you for making this content fun and engaging! I can certainly see your personality shine through in each episode!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-295DanOtickJust what I neededNick doesn't fluff anything up. I feel like I can relate so much with his struggles. I think we all have to find that balance and I'm so glad he decided to share is journey with us!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-265Dr. JHReal. Informative. Fun!I love this podcast. Nick is authentic and real! I so appreciate his openness and transparency. He offers great information, tips, and resources.
United StatesUnited States2015-04-265Ryan MichlerMarriage is ToughBeing married is tough! When two people enter a relationship, there's definitely a lot of give an take. Confessions of a Terrible Husband helps me to remember what's important and how to work together with my wife!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-255ThrivingEntrepreneurThrivingEntrepreneurAt times as a husband we all feel like the worst, the difference and the key to success is being a husband who is always trying to improve. Thank you Nick for this show
United StatesUnited States2015-04-245Real Life Resilience PodcastFascinating!What a fascinating concept and fabulous information! Interesting guests bringing valuable tips for all of us. Thanks!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-175AaronSanchez.2.0Thank you, thank you!!!!!!The world needs more of people like this. Thanks Nick!!!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-115adamfarmertvi love marriage ministriesNick, this is such a great idea. Thank you for tackling marriage ministry out in the open 🙂 Well done
United StatesUnited States2015-04-115Chief Creative WarriorGreat concept!I love how vulnerable Nick is in sharing his insights and his own life. Great podcast to open up meaningful conversations between men and men and their partners.
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105Greekfire15Great Concept!Nick has nailed it! Confessions of a Terrible Husband brings guests, couples, and tips about relationships and making marriages work. This is just fantastic, and he’s a total natural behind the mic.
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105Take & Talk PicsEven a single guy can learn!Even a single guy can learn! More like confessions of a man being a man. Love this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105Jodi | Women Taking the LeadExpert informationInformation and insights from experts , not just rambling from a humbled spouse. There is always more to learn to be happy and fulfilled in marriage. I love that this show is bringing it!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105Anya BartholomewAwesome inspiring FRESH show!!Loved loved the show -- very inspiring and very insightful!! So much to learn and to grow together into having better relationship all around -- a nice lifestyle change of happiness for all!! Way to go!!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105JaredLichtinGreat advice!This podcast is jam packed with great marriage and family advice. Even though you might not be married or have kids, if you are about to, or have someone in your life that you care about, this podcast is AWESOME… nothing else like it out there. Check it out.
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105T&A CuriousA great perspectiveI appreciate Nick’s perspective. He has a great spirit about him along with his voice and approach to his show. The only thing is its a little misleading, he doesn’t sound like a terrible husband at all!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-105JayPierstorffGood Stuff here...An interesting and informative listen from an unexpected source! Love this!
United StatesUnited States2015-04-055EMW ListensLOVE this showNick's passion is amazing and this show has helped my marriage a lot. I appreciate all the content Nick brings to share with his audience. Thank you!!!
United StatesUnited States2015-03-235K11111111111111111So great!I love the honesty, and real world applicable advice. Keep up the great work
United StatesUnited States2015-03-145Chris @ The Journey of SuccessWanna become a better husband, LISTENGreat show Nick. I love how you share so many personal experiences that both have and haven’t worked. This show will save husbands aspiring to be better nights on the couch. 🙂
United StatesUnited States2015-03-135thechampionentrepreneurThanks youHusband and father are so important and there are so few resources available, please keep up the good work and continue to challenge man and husband's everywhere. Take a listen if you have not already!
United StatesUnited States2015-03-125KAIZENSPEEDAs a married man, this is a great podcast!Lots of life lessons here.
United StatesUnited States2015-03-065YoopersmithAm I a terrible husband?Sure I do the dishes, but should I take out the garbage too? Or maybe it's about learning to tune and listen better? Find out here!
United StatesUnited States2015-03-065RyJackCLGreat show.Thank you for this podcast it is very helpful. Can wait for the book.
United StatesUnited States2015-03-065JonivlamAwesome!It's so great that Nick is willing to handle what could be difficult situations in such a public, honest way to help other people.
United StatesUnited States2015-03-065TheFakeFakeGuyI love the 1-Question QuizAs an expecting parent, I am obsessed with this. Awesome.
United StatesUnited States2015-03-065Omar PintoGreat show manLove it...keep on keepin on!
United StatesUnited States2015-03-015Chris @ LeanLeadershipPodcastWhat an awesome concept!The home is the foundation for all other parts of success in our lives. Finally a podcast that helps other men because a better husband and improve our relationships! Thanks Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-285Mark_HelderA+ PodcastWow...I love this show. The host is awesome and the advice is really practical and useful. Keep up the good work Nick.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275AntoneWoodHaving been on my share of lumpy couches....after 28 years of marriage in May, I can totally relate to your podcast. I wish I had listened to them many years ago. I might not have forgotten Valentines Day multiple times, or come home with a great new sportcoat on my wife's birthday, and without a present for her. Great confersations from a personal standpoint. I will have to continue listening so I don't end up on the couch again.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275MichaelNeeleyWhat a gret show!This show ROCKS! It's like a high-level course on what "NOT" to do if you want to stay in your marriage. Great work, Nick! Keep 'em coming.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275pkirch host of BOSS AcademyWho can't relate?Wow! Someone else who gets it and he's sharing his story. Great concept and show, Nick! Congratulations!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275BlarferLoving this!This is a great listen. As a dad and a husband that’s made the odd mistake…so much relateable stuff here.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275Jory HolnessWell Done Nick!There are so many talk shows, books, tapes and programs for women on this topic, but very few for men, and the ones that you can get are not always that good. Nick's show just solved that whole problem. Way to go Nick! SUBSCRIBED!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275NikkiL.Honest and movingWOW! This podcast is a reminder that being honest with yourself is the 1st step towards growth! Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275jpierstorffgrabbed my attention immediatelyNick is my new hero, great stuff
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275letsgodubsRecommened listenAs a newlywed I've already experienced some of the topics that Nick talks about and he's so on point. For all you married guys out there this is a must listen!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275RembachGood Job NickI appreciate the real world views. -Jim @FastLeaderShow
United StatesUnited States2015-02-255K3nuxAwesome!!!!A great podcast!!!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-155DrPhilrxawesome podcastNick, you have created a podcast here that every married man and any man that may ever want to get married needs to subscribe to. Keep up the great work. I challenge all your listeners to share your podcast with every man they know, as I will do the same.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-145Koy McDermottGreat ShowThank you for creating this, this is such a great show and the information is so helpful!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-145cmCharlotte PAmazing insight sharedSo much honesty shared, and answers to important questions. I particularly enjoyed Aaron Walker's session. Anxious to read your book Nick. Congratulations to accomplishing this.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-135BKJets2020Great Great Great!Awesome info to apply to real life!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-095BCFabeMy marriage is better......Because of this show! Nick does an excellent job at choosing difficult relationship topics, breaking then down so they make sense, then giving actionable steps and tips for moving forward. On top of that, he has great guests too! Thank you Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-075MissJahairaValuable. InformativeNick interviews experts and ordinary people all I. An effort to share information about improving relationships.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-075jeffsteinmannGreat, candid informationGood to hear form someone in the trenches and working to improve his life and marriage. Very inspiring.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-075Karl_L_KWell I didn’t expect that!Not sure really what I expected - tuned in because I love Nicks other Podcast, and was pleasantly surprised with the candor. Sometimes LOL, sometimes “Ouch”, always interesting.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-065London PorterThe #7 Podcast…Steps to Fighting...…had me rolling on the floor. Looking for a huge laugh and quick spousal kung fu tips…your in luck.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-065jamesdnewcombBravo!Anyone who is willing to be transparent in one of the most intimate parts of a man’s life - his relationship with his wife - is worthy of applause. Well done. Your success is much deserved.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-065Career EntrepreneurGreat advice for new (or terrible) husbands!Terrific show with excellent content and an entertaining style. Anyone who likes this show should also check out 5 Minutes with Dad. Keep up the good work Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-065Addy SaucedoVery honest and fun to listen to!Nick is awesome to have this show out there and be honest about marriage.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-025Kristin SmallBizLifeFun podcast that makes you thinkMy husband and I have a great marriage but I always get new ideas and insight from Nick's podcast. Nick is an excellent host who is fun to listen to. Whether he is interviewing or doing a solo show, you will leave thinking about how you can improve your marriage, even if it's already awesome.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-025Bebone1978Just right...delivery, content, AND lengthA fantastic production. The content is exceptional and the delivery is spot on. If you dread podcasts because of their length and they seem "preachy", then give this a try and you'll be hooked.
United StatesUnited States2015-02-025Luke McClureAbsolutely InspiringI love this podcast, I am also working hard on becoming an extraordinary husband and the happy wives club interview was so valuable great work!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-315batraudtI’m a Terrible HusbandThanks for the show Nick. Thank you for sharing your story as well as bringing on other guests to help encourage other men to be a better husband. I will be a lifelong fan!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-315HotrodguitaristLeading the packNick is definitely leading the pack in this area of correcting the terrible husbands. Not only has he had outstanding guest interviews who give great wisdom and insight to how they've been good stewards of their marriages, but he's got a lot of great insight himself just from that lumpy couch of his. Great podcast, do yourself a favor, listen to it. He's got great advice coming out of this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-305Grumblesigh1love it!love the journey, and the honesty! we learn from our mistakes and grow into better people if we choose to utilize our mistakes effectively.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-305Smita @womenpreneursuccessImpressive!Nick is immensely engaging and refreshing. Top of my podcast list!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-305EOFire.comBest Artwork on iTunesperiod. Content? Killer too! ~ John Lee Dumas
United StatesUnited States2015-01-285@BrettGajdaThe Best Teachers are also StudentsI love Nick’s approach on this podcast. I love that he is not the husband/father on the top of the mountain, sharing all he learned to get there. He is the husband/father climbing the mountain with the rest of us. Some things he does well, other things he currently fails at, and no matter what he is honest about them, and looking for answers to be better. Let’s all climb the mountain together!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-285Dan Feld/Prologue ProfilesHonest and insightfulI just got married and know I don’t want to sleep on the couch so I’m glad I found Confessions of a Terrible Husband. No one talks so openly about what it takes to build a healthy marriage. Thanks Nick, keep em coming!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-235A Swartz/Life Purpose AdvisorSuch and honest and candid talk about married life.I love Nick's honesty and openness about what it's like to be married. He's very much an open book and does a good job adding commentary and hope for us listeners. Love it! Keep up the good work!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-235Thomas O'Grady, PhDWow, Very effectiveThis is well done. Lessons learned from mistakes and confessions.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-235ErikHemGreat Podcast!Great job! Nick talks about the real issues with such honesty it’s encouraging! Looking forward to more!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-235ChrisatAWNever miss an opportunity to celebrate anything.Sage advice from a pro. Love the tone, subject and complete openess and honesty in this show. Thanks, Nick, for teaching and reminding all us husbands what is important in live.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-235FGustafson - OneBoldMove.comAwesome!Nick, you rock man! Great show, well produced, great guests and awesome content! Keep ‘em coming brother!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-205Jaree Freeman-ConnectEPIC.comLISTEN NOW for a Better Marriage!!Out of the starting gate with a BOOM!! Great guests, we all need to listen to this to be happier. Go listen right now to episode6 : 10 Habits of Happy Couples. I have been with my spouse for 20yrs and have a great marriage, but still learned a few things to make it better! Way to rock it Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-185Shawn ManaherA Real Podcast for Husbands!Nick, thanks for this podcast. I love that you are focused on family and wanting to make a real difference in marriages... Keep putting these together because I know that I will be back to listen for more!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-175C. RobinsonFantastic PodcastNot married but in a long time relationship so the info is still pertinent. Delivery and content both kept me interested from beginning to end. Will make this a regular listen in my podcast rotation.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-165@ChadGrillsNick makes for...A great host, and delivers a great show. Good stuff!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-165Jeff SiehGreat Marriage Advice!Loved the advice that Nick gave that he didn't just flip a switch and be come a better person and husband but it's a process. Great advice on setting boundaries between work and home. Loved how some of his guests talked about their own personal marital struggles. Very encouraging and helpful. I If you want to improve your marriage, this is the podcast for you!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-165ThePodcastFactory.comDon’t be a strangerReally liked your show on not treating your wife like a stranger. It’s a good reminder to show a little extra love to your loved ones.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-114R.Peterson_44Personal AccountabilityFor a guy just trying to figure it out, Nick does a good job of shedding insight into what's good and bad advice for maintaining a healthy relationship.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-115AwesomeMontanaKids and Family at its bestNick offers honest dialogue and conversation about how to be the best husband possible in the 21st century. He discusses the challenges and benefits of being a supportive spouse in today’s challenging society. Offering positive suggestions, tips, and action steps to manage a successful marriage he gives it his all. Great show!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Chris Davis @BehindTheNoteDUDE!!!!DAN!!!!!!!! WE’VE NEEDED THIS FOR SOOOOOOO LOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!! THANK YOU! @BehindTheNote
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095JamesSharpSAOpen, Honest, High Quality PodcastConfessions of a Terrible Husband has great content and guests. The information presented is very open and honest. As a husband, I have been terrible in the past, but the ideas presented in this podcast are helping me to recover and be a better person.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Smurf Turf 201591I Can RelateEvery single story and anecdote. Been there, done that. Loved the pod!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Dawn @SMMHappyHourLove Nick P!Love Nick’s show 5 Minutes with Dad and knew this podcast wouldn’t disappoint. An open and honest show with great guests… thanks Nick for another awesome show 🙂 Dawn from SMMHappyHour
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Note MBALove This Show!One of the few podcasts my wife and I both listen to. Honest insights on life and marriage.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Denny KraheGreat ShowAs a husband, I can totally relate. It’s so easy to think that we are doing everything we “should” be doing to help provide for our families, yet sometimes even our best intentions turn out very hollow. Thanks for sharing this show Nick, and I’m looking forward to hearing more stories so hopefully I can eventually become at least an adequate husband!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Primal PotentialBrilliant concept - Incredible guy!Wow. I clicked over here to check out one episode to rate and review and I’m so impressed. And I’ve subscribed. You need this in your life. Great information. If you want to improve your life & your marriage, listen. Today. Now. And then tell Nick how great it is.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-085thechuckwangExactly what I needNick - good on you for producing this content. I’ll be the first to tell you that my personal relationships have suffered tremendously because of by business endeavors. This is just what I need to help me sort it out! Chuck Wang
United StatesUnited States2015-01-075Bryan LoganGreat podcast and website!Tons of great content here. Keep it up Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-045Kristianne @ Create Your NowGreat confessions!!And conversations too. Gets you thinking. And this isn't just for the men. Ladies listen up. There's lots to glean from. Keep bringing it Nick!!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-035Defeat the DramaGreat Insights for a Great MarriageLove the combination of strategies for a healthy marriage with the honesty of where the host falls short. Getting real makes it relatable, humorous and inspirational.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-025TsonikiGreat listenNick has produced another great show. This is so good to listen to when you need a quick "hey try this" for your relationship. He also has great interviews, can't wait for more!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-025Bree NobleReal world marriage adviceThis show rocks. It will help so many people and it isn't high brow or over your head. It's real life and you'll get a chuckle out of it cause you'll recognize yourself in the stories.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-015mindtrekkerMy timing's off, but a great show nonetheless.Wow! What a great new show with real-world actionable talk. Wish I would have had access to this show many years ago... Might not be on Marriage Numero Tres right now!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-015Coach FaydraWell oiled podcastThis podcast is well composed, has valuable, real world advice and the host is very engaging and spot on.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-315RainbowafterrainINSPIRINGIn this podcast Nick encouarges you to be proactive in building a healthy marriage by sharing the lessons he has learned as well as interviewing couples who can offer their years of knowledge and help you strive to have not just a marriage but a happy one full of life. Subscribe now!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-265Jeffery W. IngramGreat job!Great interview with Dan and Joanne Miller. This is a winning formula. Maybe listing I will be less terrible in my marriage as well.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-235Camilla-NoMoreHamsterWheel.comExcellent advice, inspiration, tips and moreAlthough this podcast is more geared towards married people I love it! The tips, ideas, advice and more are applicable to any relationship, both personal and business. Plus add some great laughs and you got a podcast that brings you lots of awesomeness. Great show!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-195YogaJenHInspiring and actionable!Everyone I know wants to have better work/life/family balance - few people know how to do that. Enter the "Confessions of a Terrible Husband" podcast to help us all! Love it!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-155@StewardCoachingI don't believe it....I don't believe that Nick is nearly the Terrible Husband he makes himself out to be. BUT I think this podcast is perfect for all the Husbands and Wifes that find they they are less than perfect (and that's all of us). Nick's realization that he was the only person in his relationship that could focus on becoming "better" and then doing it is a perfect message for the world today. After all no one can change anyone other than themselves. Great concept, great message, great guy. Listen...Now...Really do it...Then after you listen...Go and work on making your marriage a little bit better today than yesterday..and never stop....
United StatesUnited States2014-12-155Jody MaberryConfessions to Help the Rest of usThis podcast is a great resource of wisdom and experience for all of us terrible husnands. The host and the guest are open open their mistakes. Together, maybe we can all get off the lumpy couhc.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-155iamthatladyThis is the podcast I have been waiting for!Not many people are willing to talk about this topic - especially husbands! As a wife and parent of four - I really enjoyed this podcast! Will be back for more! Thanks
United StatesUnited States2014-12-155StonekingtGreat real life marriage podcast!This podcast is real stories from couples who not only are married, but happily married. Take these stories to heart, they are real life and not from books and studies. Thanks for this podcast Nick, it allows us to learn from those who have the fruit on the tree and not just theories!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-125BrotherPhilNot bad for a terrible husband!Nick understands what it is that makes a terrible husband become a GREAT husband (my wife taught me well LOL) Great encouragement! I LOVE this podcast for a NUMBER of different reasons!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-125The Entrepreneurs LibraryVery encouraged by this one!First timer hearing this awesome podcast and already loving! I particularly enjoyed the episode with Fawn Weaver from the happy wives club. It’s always nice to hear the positive about marriage! This is going to be a paradigm shifting podcast and I look forward to hearing more of Nicks work.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-125VPCarterNot theory, the real deal!Love the honesty that Nick brings to this podcast. Good stuff!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-125StartupDadTrying not to be a Terrible HusbandNick, this is a wonderful podcast. As a young husband (4yrs) I absolutely need this podcast in my life so that I can learn from other husbands mistakes and hopefully not make the same. The other thing that I like about this show is learning the right things to do as a husband. Learning a ton already! Keep ROCKING! ~ Joel Louis
United StatesUnited States2014-12-105Elle MartinezLove Nick and the PodcastLove Nick's blog and was so happy to see this podcast! Fantastic and encouraging concept 🙂
United StatesUnited States2014-12-085Craig-Winningyouthcoaching.comSo true it hurts! Love this podcastWow such truth - we as husbands really need to laugh with and learn from this podcast. Keep up the great work Nick!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-075Matt HamWicked Good!I love Nick’s willingness to talk about the difficult issues that so many tend to avoid. Too often, people use blame as a tool to combat their circumstances, pointing fingers at everyone else. Nick points the finger at himself and mans up to the real struggles he’s facing. The truth is, we’re all in similar situations, we just need to know that there’s someone else that’s been on that couch too.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-075Jeff Rose, CFPHusbands, Listen up!Husbands, face it. We all get lazy in our marriage. It’s time to step up and be the man our wife deserves. And if you need a kick in the butt, this podcast is for you.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-065RedchampagneLove itLove what you're doing, love the interviews, love your message. Keep doing what you're doing.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-065John Ramstead Beyond InfluenceA great subject brought by a great hostBeing married for 25 years this marriage thing takes a lot of work but has huge rewards. Nick great podcast pal! Love what you are doing!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055SunDevilMan Up!Nobody is a perfect husband - but you can be considerably closer to being one by listening to this podcast. Nick has words of wisdom that men and women should listen to in an effort to creating a healthy marriage. Great show.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055Kalika1823Love the Openness!I think it is so important for men, especially, to openly discuss the difficulties in marriage. This is such an important podcast for married people everywhere!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055alexdesignsNick delivers a Great Show!So much great information in each show. Such a great perspective on on improving your life and your relationships.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055Angel RLoving this podcast… No fluff!Improving our marriage - The number 1 secret to a happy life! Happy wife happy life! Keep the content coming!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055ChargeMoreMoney.comHAHAHAHA Major fun podcastThis was great! I am sending to my wife LOVE IT man add on a "man moment" break " to talk about the stupid things we do. LOL
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055IamMrPrescottI love this.What a great show. So entertaining. Keep it up Nick.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055Erika - Beauty and the VlogGreat show and host!Love this show! Nick has a funny and great approach to this subject. This is a subject anyone can always learn more about and I love his interview style. Nice work Nick and congrats on the new show!
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055StringfiveReal world relationship buildingIt’s not easy balancing the demands of being a entrepreneur, father and husband. And when it comes to relationships (in my view) men often take the heat. So this show has been a great discovery because it explores real world relationship building without the baggage. I can’t wait to hear more.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055Jeremy MontoyaAn honest lookNick’s show, Confessions of a Terrible Husband, gives you an honest insight into what it looks like to be a husband and balance your life.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055ETZ_1970Such great site and showHave been waiting for this. As expected it is wonderful and does not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055Chiquita2727Great host and stories!Wonderful show that helps relationships go through the real journey of love... ~ MAritza Parra
United StatesUnited States2014-12-055Family Matters First PodcastAnother Winner!Nick- You've done it again. I like 5 Minutes and now we have more to listen to and to love. Great show, great concept. Thanks for all you do in this space.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-025kasucramEngaging, refreshing, and educativeNick does a great job helping us all improve ourselves, to become better husbands and wife. My wife and I were honored to be guests for this great podcast. Subscribe, listen, and improve your marriage. Marcus Kusi Co-host of The First Year Marriage Show.
United StatesUnited States2014-12-025MrderekolsenTerribly good podcastI’ve been looking forward to this podcast for ages and ages. So glad it is finally here. Tune in folks, this is going to be a go-to podcast for many, many happy marriages. -Derek Olsen
CanadaCanada2017-04-175Brad-Unlimited rEvolutionariesKeeping me off the couchHi Nick! I loved episode #40. It was just you and you had some great insights and stories. You focused on mindset which is everything to me. How you think about your relationship with your family makes a huge difference. How they are supporting you or distracting you (which is the distraction). We do things to provide a different kind of life but we need to enjoy along the way! Keep up the great work!
CanadaCanada2016-08-055bweikleGreat show!I love the honest, real-world experiences shared on this show. What a great name, concept and delivery for people interested in having the best relationship possible with their partners!
CanadaCanada2016-07-015Mary-Jo DionneBraveBrave and thoughtful -- thanks for this, Nick.
CanadaCanada2016-07-015Frederick MunawaCan't stop listeningVERY very interesting conversations taking place on this show. I really love the conversational tone - it makes for easy listening:)
CanadaCanada2016-03-135Dan LokThe Road to the Perfect RelationshipConfessions of a Terrible Husband is an honest and open-hearted project fronted by Nick Pavlidis to help married couples everywhere, and despite the title, Nick has a lot of helpful advice! It is also a valuable show for people on either side of a relationship, not just a 'terrible' husband! Nick interviews guests such as Fawn Weaver from The Happy Wives Club, John G. Miller, of QBQ, Inc., Dan Miller and Joanne Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love, and although he is self-described as a marriage 'non-expert', he offers advice from his own marriage as an example to the rest of us, and it proves that the insights of a regular guy can be just as helpful as those of any proclaimed expert. Whether you're going through a rough patch and need a little push in the right direction or just striving to be the best partner you can, Confessions of a Terrible Husband will definitely have something for you!
CanadaCanada2016-02-055mdaciukReally Enjoyed This ShowNice flow and very easy to listen to. Great show number 25 and teaches us about marriage. Very helpful tips. I even learned some things about Roddy Piper. Keep up the great work.
CanadaCanada2016-02-035Bruce at Mindfulness ModeLove, Love, Love this!This is the show I have been looking for. Some amazing insight for all husbands on how to make their relationship 100x better. Nick is a great host and always produces top notch episodes.
CanadaCanada2016-01-295T. BasuSeriously great podcastThis podcast is an incredible resource - not just for the "terrible husbands" out there - but for anyone who does not want to BE a terrible husband. Lots of practical advice, and some very knowledgeable guests as well.
CanadaCanada2016-01-295Sheena Yap Changreat podcastthis is awesome, love the lessons learned on this podcast and how you can apply it to your own life
CanadaCanada2015-06-155Cole4589Terrible HusbandGreat show and awesome host! Thank you!
CanadaCanada2015-05-205EdgeMotivationScottyWild ContentI'm 27 years old, and have a LOT to learn about relationships: true stories and learning from other people's struggles and successes is a great way to get some perspective and insight. Love the content. Will be tuning in!
CanadaCanada2015-04-245AlainDesaulniersVery heartfelt!Awesome podcast. Really cool information. It’s really made me think. I’m excited to incorporate so much of what I’m learning into my relationship. It’s going to be awesome! Thank you so much!
CanadaCanada2015-02-135MomschanginglivesGenuine and real!Love the content in the episodes of this podcast! All of it can really be helpful in daily life of marriage.
CanadaCanada2015-01-075Twilight Histories PodcastInformative and Well NarratedLots of great tips. Thanks for the podcast and keep it up!
CanadaCanada2014-12-105secretsbehindthesecretFantastic ShowNick is such a great show with a great host. I love the idea of sharing from an honest place, so that we can all grow together. A show like this takes a person who is able to be vunerable enough to share in this way, and Nick is that person. A must listen for anyone willing to admit they haven't gotten it all figured out yet when it comes to relationships, or being the "perfect" husband!
CanadaCanada2014-12-055GinaJohnsonGreat Guests, Honest Touching StoriesI couldn’t imagine a more genuine, inspiring and honest person to share true stories of his marriage. This show is fantastic, a must listen to for anyone that is in a relationship!
New ZealandNew Zealand2014-12-055Sarah SpearGolden!I love how Nick has a forum for couples to share their stories and also valuable tips on what has worked for them. Fantastic!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2016-03-255Mr HezGreat lessons...Really empowering and helps build strong relationships. It's amazing what can still be learnt.. this podcast is a testimony.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2016-02-245Carolynn BinnieGreat ShowI'm loving this show - great insights - all help in relationships is always welcome. Keep at it! Thanks
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2016-02-055deanhaycoxINSPRIATIONALVery inspirational show and insightful. Keep up the show. 🙂
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2015-07-125M_Glover_88Great show!Really great show about an important subject, and done in a really cool way with a fantastic angle. Definitely worth listening to help with relationships.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2015-04-295JOINUPDOTSI have learnt a lotI like this show, and the vibe of it. A good listen on the way to work.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2015-01-295MaarvellousHusband SkoolSince the first 2 episodes, I have been hooked! I am recently married s I'm ok to get some hints and tips to avoid being……..terrible!! 🙂 Great Content!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2014-12-195Kathryn - BLHQInsightfulDon’t know if Nick Pavlidis is a terrible husband but he comes across as a thoughtful husband who is honest and open about the frustrations of married life and what can be done to improve relationships. And in the process he delivers a great podcast with insightful guests – for those who want a successful and happy marriage.
AustraliaAustralia2016-04-295MattB4SBBMatched!It's just too awesome. Never had this kinda tips and advices from the other podcasts. Really helpful. And willing to apply them!
AustraliaAustralia2016-02-055Luke and SusieLove the transparencyThe name of the show attracted me because I love when people are willing to share their failings to hep me to have to make the same mistakes. The show is built in this transparency. Thanks Nick!
AustraliaAustralia2016-01-305Nuzzi1great show!!!I really enjoy this podcast and look forward to hearing much more. Keep up the great work!!!
AustraliaAustralia2015-08-165Mark CroslingNuggets of WisdomLove this - "advice from the trenches". A podcast series about marriage and taking responsibility for improving your relationship. Well done Nick!
AustraliaAustralia2015-05-175Eddie DonatoHelps me realise others are struggling alsoLoved episode 20 and simple ways to ensure that I don't hurt my marriage.
AustraliaAustralia2015-05-105gena_wallisvery goodreally helpful.cant wait for the next one.Victor from the Youngpreneurs Podcast!
AustraliaAustralia2015-04-105munmun5Eye openingYou rock my girlfriend and I have both been listening and its helping us be better people in general! Thanks
AustraliaAustralia2015-03-135Mark TownsendVery honestI'm not married yet but I can definitely relate
AustraliaAustralia2015-02-065xmattmcleodxAwesomeAlways on the look out for great podcasts and this definitely is one. Great content and well presented
AustraliaAustralia2014-12-275ronsleyPerfect!Great topics, easy to relate, and points you can use right away! It's perfect for fathers struggling with how to deal with their new role in life and become a better Dad. The hosts are engaging and are willing to share things they've learned in their own lives. Some topics hit home and discuss exactly what happened in my marriage life. @ronsley from the Bond Appetit Podcast
United StatesUnited States2015-09-025Lil-J90So good!What a great catchy title! Very entertaining and helpful!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275NikkiscootsLoving this show!Wasn't so sure what I was in for when I saw the title of the podcast, but I am SO glad I decided to take a listen! So easy to listen to- Nick has a very friendly, relatable voice and talks about very relatable topics!
United StatesUnited States2015-02-275Shaolin Sopranothis podcast is DEEEEPI’m in love with the show, it truly touches my heart. Thank you so much Nick for putting this together. 1love
United StatesUnited States2015-02-025jdkelley1978Just right...delivery, content, AND lengthA fantastic production. The content is exceptional and the delivery is spot on. If you dread podcasts because of their length and they seem "preachy", then give this a try and you'll be hooked.
United StatesUnited States2015-07-235Jeff Long - TrueFocusMedia.comA great podcast by a great guyI’ve known Nick personally and can vouch that he strives daily to improve his marriage and family life. He’s been a blessing and encouraging to me personally. This podcast is a great resource to help improve our marriages and family. Keep up the good work Nick!
United StatesUnited States2015-06-295B.G.WarnerPleasant SurpriseI have to say, at first glance I thought this was going to be a comedy podcast about a guy cracking jokes about his marriage. It was a great surprise to hear instead some really thoughtful self development ideas that tie into the bigger picture of creating a successful relationship. Lots to learn here!
United StatesUnited States2015-01-235Frank GustafsonAwesome!Nick, you rock man! Great show, well produced, great guests and awesome content! Keep ‘em coming brother!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-205Live to Learn!This podcast is too good!This podcast is clever, intriguing and inspiring! Nick had done a great job helping men really step into their important roles as husband and to really rock at it. Such a needed podcast!!