Guest Confession: I forgot Valentine’s Day

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Today I'm psyched to host my second guest confession.  The timing is perfect, since the last few posts have been about me sleeping through my wife's sister's wedding… If you want to submit a guest confession contact me here for guidelines.  And if you're an author, blogger or business owner and want to promote something, you can even custom design your own bio at the end!

Oh, and you're on your own with your spouse if you submit a guest post!  

So make sure you don't get yourself in more trouble….

Onto the guest confession by David Mike:

During the time that my wife and I were dating, I decided to impress her on Valentine's Day with a piece of jewelry.  We had only been dating a little less than a year and so I thought that this would be a pretty big deal to her. I was very proactive and purchased for her, a diamond pendant necklace. I needed to hold on to it for a little while because I bought it so early. She was going to be so excited about it. I was very proud of myself for being so prepared.

Problem was that, I am a pretty impatient guy and the suspense was killing me. There was no way I was going to be able to wait that long! She was going to be so happy and I was going to be so awesome! So, I gave it to her, before Valentine's Day. She loved it and still wears it to this day.

Because I gave it to her before the actual holiday, I figured I was “good to go”.

So on February 14th, I had nothing to give her.

I did not have flowers, you know, they die anyways (man talk). I did not have a card, purchased or hand made.

I had NOTHING, nada, zilch, nichts, zero.

She waited, and waited, and waited. She thought that throughout the entire day that I was holding out on her for a big reveal. I had no idea that she was expecting something other than the gift I had already given her. It was a diamond, what more could she want?

Little did I know a storm was brewing! She finally realized at the end of the day, her anticipation for all the special attention was really just prolonged disappointment.

She let me have it. I do not blame her. After all the books I have read on marriage, men and woman since then, I've realized how important this type of stuff is to her and what an idiot (or terrible husband to be) I had been.

It doesn't even matter what I do for her or get her, it's the fact that I cared enough to remember and reaffirm my love for her.

I have never missed a holiday since the “incident.”

I also buy cards or small gifts for my three daughters every Valentine's Day so they know that I love them and to set an example of what to expect from a guy. (Future husband training)

By the way almost everything a guy thinks is silly, strange or no big deal is going to be huge to your wife or future wife.

It does not have to be a diamond, the smallest most insignificant thing to you or that makes you the most uncomfortable will be the thing she remembers the most. If you remember to remember…

David Mike is a Christ follower, husband, father and Cosmetology Instructor in Omaha, NE.  David started a blog to share humorous life events and also tell the story of the 3 years spent in the U.S. Army's Prison, Ft. Leavenworth, sharing the message that we do not have to be defined by our past and that God can use our kind of mess for good.

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