The family gathering…

Juan Antonio Capó / Foter / CC BY

Last time I checked in I was still in the haze of having slept through my wife's family gathering

But I didn't tell you the whole story, mostly because I was still shocked that my wife wasn't upset with me about it.

Still not sure if my mother-in-law is upset.  She didn't seem to be either and we have a good relationship, so I'm sure I'll be ok.  She knows I didn't do it on purpose and, frankly, she had more important things to worry about that day.

Anyhow… now is probably as good a time as any to casually drop a bit more detail about the family gathering…

See… I didn't want to distract from my amazement about not being in the proverbial dog house by filling you in right away on what the “family gathering” was.

Because it was a big one.  And it would have distracted from the focus of that post.

No, it wasn't another funeral.  That's apparently where I am at my liveliest (pun intended).  Plus, the only funeral I plan on sleeping through is my own.

It was (pause for effect): My wife's sister's wedding.


It gets worse.

My wife was the Matron of Honor.

My son was the ring bearer (Maybe “one of the ring bearers”  I don't know.  I was asleep.)

And my daughter was the flower girl (Again… maybe “one of.”  I was… well, you know.)

I, on the other hand, was sleeping.

Not there and sleeping.

I was asleep.

In the hotel.

I did make it to the reception though… well rested, too.

So I had plenty of energy to chase the kids around.


You can't make this stupidity up….

Would you have killed me?

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