021: How Small Changes to how you Listen, Learn, and Love can Improve Your Relationship Fast.

Susie Miller shares lessons from her new book to help us improve our relationships in 30 days or less.

In this episode of the Confessions of a Terrible Husband podcast I talk with Susie Miller, author of the book Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less, which is about how to develop the three important skills to improve your relationship fast.

Susie talks with me about listening well, learning about your spouse, and loving them in a way that promotes stronger relationships.

She shares stories from her personal life and book and talks about some pretty cool bonuses for folks who buy her book around the release date, so tune in for those details, too.

It's a fun chat so be sure to check it out.  And also be sure to connect with Susie about her book, which you can find through the link at the top of the post, on Amazon, and pretty much every other retailer around!

I really enjoyed our chat and the book, which I read in less time than it takes to watch a baseball game on TV. It's pretty incredible how we can become more knowledgeable and self-aware in such a short period of time and how that can have a lasting impact on our relationships.

We even have some fun at the end when Susie turns the interview around and asks me about some pain points in my relationship, graciously offering her time to help me work through some things that continue to cause issues in my relationship.

She shares a personal story in response and offers some great advice about remembering commitments and the big picture when some of the little things create touch moments.

Don't forget to connect with Susie! You can reach her on her website, Twitter, and more!

And check out the book on its website, www.ListenLearnLoveBook.com, or directly on Amazon or other retailers.

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