Mailbag! And Confessions Around the Web!

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Since the last mailbag, the blog has been refreshed and the book continues to develop.  I still have quite a bit of work to do on both of them, but they're coming along.  And I'm in no rush.

The insiders who have joined the Facebook group have gotten some frequent updates and helped me with the book subtitle and background image for the cover.

The designer keeps plugging along.

The insiders who have not signed up for the Facebook group haven't been bombarded with e-mails.

Once I focus back on moving some content around and strengthening up some points I am making in the book I'll start sending out sections or chapters or even short passages to them.

I'll be working on the text of the back cover next.  And the insiders will get the first look and a voice.

So if you're not signed up yet, here's the link.

It's a lot of fun.  And you'll get to see how the proverbial sausage is made…

I am still in search of a header image for the top of this site.  My book cover designer is designing something that may serve that purpose, but if not I'll do something else.  Why?  Because I like pictures and stuff.  🙂

I'll also be adding pictures to the old posts and will include some pics with new posts.  Mostly stock stuff that captures what I'm getting at, but I will also be taking some pics around town that do the same thing

OK.  I'll get to three most frequently asked questions I've received since the last mailbag in a minute!

But first, Confessions Around the Web:

These sites sent me the most traffic in the last week!  So thank you to the wonderful and gorgeous people who run these sites and the brilliant and amazing readers who found their way over here!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff!  Still rockin' it.  🙂

Money Saving Mom  I spend some time on this site… what can I say… deals aren't just for Moms!

Wealth Lion  Can you sense a theme here?  I like to read about healthy money habits…

Remember, the best compliment is a referral.  The second best is a pie.  Since I'm going carb free for the near future, please don't send pie.  🙂

If you're looking for an easy way to spread the word, here are a few suggestions.  Feel free to play with the wording:

OK.  Here are the three most frequently asked questions from the past week.

Here's the last mailbag, in case you missed it.

Aren't you supposed to be a perfect husband by now?  It's kinda been a while…

I get variations of this question every single day.  Most of the time it's not by haters.  Most of the time it's folks encouraging me or suggesting that I've already become a great husband, which is awesome.  But the truth is I still have my moments.  The more I blog, the better a husband I become.  The constant reminders and reflection really help put things in perspective.  But it's tough.  Just the other day my wife was packing up the kids' toys for the big move.  I was watching TV.  In retrospect, I should have gotten up and helped.  But I was tired and it didn't even cross my mind until the next day.  She wasn't complaining or anything.  She was just doing a bunch of work and could have used the help.  So yeah… I'm still working on it.

Will you change the name of the blog once you're “better” at this?

Nah… I like the reminder.  And the self-hating side of me sees myself as a terrible husband who fights to be better, not a terrible husband who gets better.  I also like the name.  It's one of those names that kicks you in the gut when you hear it, so to speak.  I also love seeing people slowly pick up their phones and dial 9… then 1… and then wait for the explanation before dialing that last 1… So it's at least an attention-getter… and if I can get enough people here to share along with me as we learn to become better spouses together then we'll all be better off!  I mean, who wants to read a blog called “I'm awesome and you should listen to me”?

Why don't you talk about your wife more?  We know she can't be perfect.  Cut yourself some slack and make sure to at least mention some things that she can improve on to give a bit more context.

No, my wife's not perfect.  She's human.  But this blog is all about me and what I can do to improve.  It's about taking responsibility about the things in the relationship that I control.  When I sneak into exploring whether she could have said or done something differently I fall into a trap of excuses or blame.  And that doesn't help.  The truth is, she's a really great wife.  She makes mistakes like everyone.  But she's loving and hard working.  She gets frustrated at times.  And often.  With me.  And with the kids.  But she does A LOT of work.  She's a machine.  And when I'm a better husband, she sees that and ups her game too.  Maybe she'll guest post at some point… 🙂

Awesome!  There you have it.

Be sure to stop by and say hello!  Leave a comment.  Use the feedback form.  Or shoot me an e-mail at nick (at) aterriblehusband (dot) com.  I read and reply to them all, except for the one who didn't enter a correct e-mail address… I wrote back but it got rejected.  So if you didn't get a return e-mail from me, that's why!

You can also find me on twitter at a bad husband.  That's probably the easiest way to interact on a “real time” basis.  But I also reply to all comments here, too.  And bloggers love comments almost as much as they love twitter followers…. maybe more.  So don't be shy!

And please don't send pie… yet.


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