The Two Little Words Every Man Wants To Hear

I'm excited to turn the mic over to Audra Rogers for the day.  If you want to chat about guest posting send me an e-mail at nick (at) aterriblehusband (dot) com.  Enough from me… Heeeeere's Audra:

I really wanted to title this “Here, Hold My Purse” but after a quick chuckle, it felt a little disrespectful and kind of flies in the face of what I wanted to say here, so I scrapped it.


Two WordsI have to share the picture, though. Here is my husband Danny holding my purse for me after we left an event. It was cold and I hadn't put my coat on yet, so he did me the honor of holding my valuables. His buddy snapped this picture of him because it wasn't a very prideful task for my manly man. He's trying to act sad for the picture, but it was a funny moment.

I am blessed with an awesome man, and he does stuff like this for me all the time. In the day-to-day, it's easy to take for granted all the little things he does. And even the big things sometimes.

We have two little boys, so he's accustomed to picking up things from the store on the way home. His Honey-Do list usually isn't very long, but he did recently install a difficult ceiling fan and crawl under the house in the freezing cold to get rain water out of our crawl space with a wet-vac.

I am home full-time with the kids, and there are so many ways we could argue over whose job is the hardest, but I have found that support and encouragement, and a simple “thank you” goes a long way. Especially after the ceiling fan. I think the big hug and “thank you” I gave him at the finish line helped dissipate the frustration.

Little, unexpected love notes aren't a bad idea either. One busy morning while I was getting my son ready for school, I made something real quick for Danny's lunch, and I put a little note on the container so he would see it on the counter before he left. It was just a quick note that said “Snookum's Lunch” with a heart drawn on it.

lunch note

About a month later, the boys and I visited him at work and I saw the note hanging up on his desk. I laughed and smiled. It was a quick, easy gesture that I did while multitasking, and I had no idea it would mean so much to him. In the thick our busy lives, sometimes a little note is all we have time for, but it makes a difference. The little unexpected ones are the best.

Think about the last time someone took the time to stop and say thank you. Or the time you stopped to thank someone else. A real, genuine thank you. Not the fast-food drive-thru-lane type of thank you as you're driving off.

At work, for instance. If your boss stopped and said thank you and told you how valuable you were, would it change your performance? Or your attitude about the work you're doing?

Even on days when we may not be ultimately happy with our spouses. Think of how a little love note or thank you could change the dynamic of that day. It could be all the difference.

There are so many references in pop culture that say husbands and dads are useless buffoons that don't matter, and I refuse to feed into that. I am blessed with a wonderful, hard-working family man and I want to make sure he gets credit for that.

With the two little words every man wants to hear: Thank you. And: Let's eat!

valentines day steak

Here's a picture of the flat iron steak, baked potato, and bacon “bro-quet” of roses I made him for Valentine's Day last year.

It's easy to forget about each other when you have little arms around your knees. Even a quick 10 second hug during a busy morning can mean a lot. Expressing thanks helps to ease the stress of busy family life. It shows that you understand it's hard for both of you, but you will get through it together.

I try really hard to remember to take the time to tell Danny thank you as often as I can. It's worth it. And it sure doesn't hurt him to stop and say it to his woman every now and again either.

Audra Rogers is a wife and mother of two who finds the humor and the lessons in all of the facets of the parenting and life journey at and on Twitter @RealHonestMom

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