Giveaway! Enter for a Chance to Win 1 of 10 Autographed Copies of Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love (and more!)

I just entered the first giveaway contest at Confessions of a Terrible Husband!In May 2013 I was working my way up the corporate ladder.  I had a great job and made great money.  But something was missing.

I enjoyed my work when I was there.  I loved what I did.  But the hours were voluminous and unpredictable. I was called into the office during birthdays, worked 46 hours from vacation, and had to cancel (or refused to commit to) countless dinners and day trips.

My job came first.

And while we all go through seasons of life where work takes up more time or energy than other parts of your life, I was about to start my tenth year of that.

That's a long season.

So when it was time for me to make a change not just any job would do.

I knew where I wanted to be. And I knew what I wanted my job to look like.

I knew another law firm was out of the question.

And I knew the type of law I would practice needed to change.  After 10 years.

Changing up where and how I practiced law was one of the biggest positive influences on improving my marriage.

I now work a very-predictable schedule that permits me to be home and plan things with my family.

And I want to help you find or create work you love just like I did.

You spend way too much time working for you to be stuck doing something that you hate.

So I bought 10 autographed copies of Dan Miller's 48 Days to the Work You Love and am giving them all away!

I want to help 10 of you find or create work that you love!  Be sure to check in and let me know how it goes!

Here's how you can enter! Good luck!


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