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With all the change we experienced in 2013 this month is shaping up to be an exciting one.

2014 is primed for more change.  I'll be changing jobs.  I'll be settling into the new house and making it more and more of a home.  And I'll be finishing and releasing the book!

I'm pumped that you're here.  It's really amazing how much better a husband I am when I post here and write/edit the book.  And knowing that you are reading this motivates me to write more and more.  So thanks for helping me become a better husband!

Book Announcement

The revisions on the book are taking shape, but because of the big move and the extended time it's been taking us to settle in I decided to extend the free book giveaway until St. Valentine's Day.

Yes, that's a long time.  But I want this to be done right.  Not just “right now.”  And I thought St. Valentine's Day would be fun given the topic…

So spread the word and sign up if you haven't already.  The more the merrier.

Here are the details.

Just [click here] to tweet the opportunity to your followers.

Or [click here] to tweet to your followers that you signed up!


Remember, if you want to ask a question, here's the page to do so.

For today I'll just answer the most frequently asked in the last few weeks:  How's it going?

The move was pretty stressful, as you can imagine.  But routines are taking shape.  We have more family support, which is great.  And it gives us more time for date night!

But we have spent too much time on the house and not enough time just spending time together.  So that is my focus for the time being.  No elaborate plan.  Nothing complicated.  Just time together that doesn't involve changing doorknobs, hanging pictures, or setting up the office or “imagination room” for the kids.

There are also several new challenges.  We had been in one area with friends, jobs and routines that were relatively stable for almost a decade.  So this is pretty new for us.  But we're in a good place.  So far so good.

Confessions Around the Web

I also had an opportunity to connect with “Great Dating Blogs” about being featured on their site, which is pretty cool.  You can find my “listing” here.

Finally, I'm in the midst of setting my 2014 goals and will announce my family goals here, soon.  

What do you have planned for 2014?

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